I was raised in a rural, southwestern Ohio town of about 3,500 people. A first generation college graduate, I eventually earned an MFA and PhD, living for a time in California and later Texas. Presently, I live in Indiana, where I work as an adjunct instructor in composition and creative writing. 

My work has appeared in a variety of places, including Protean, Prolit, Glass, KR Online, West Branch, Poetry Northwest, and elsewhere. In addition, my first collection of poems, A Dark Address, has just been released as a free PDF on Gumroad.com. Additionally, I am nearly finished with a second manuscript called Interrogation Days, focusing on empire, post-2016, the legacy of the Iraq War, and other lethal abuses of intelligence and imagination.

Among other poetic projects, I intend to publish a series of essays on contemporary poetics, publishing, and socialism. Over coming weeks and  months, I'll be posting excerpts from all these works here on my blog, to which you can subscribe. In addition, you can follow me on Gumroad.com.


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