R.M. Haines was raised in a rural, southern Ohio town of about 3,000 people. He is a first generation college graduate, holding also an MFA and PhD. Presently, he lives in southern Indiana,  where he is an adjunct instructor in composition and creative writing. 

His writing has appeared in a variety of places, most recently Protean and Prolit. In addition, his first collection of poems, A Dark Address, was released in April 2020 as a free PDF on Gumroad.com. 

In April of 2022, he started Dead Mall Press, a micro-press which donates at least 60% of its earnings to mutual aid, anti-carceral, and social justice organizations. Through DMP, he released three chapbooks: Dysnomia, Civil Society, and Three Essays

He is also an organizer with the Poets Union.