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On Self-Publishing My Book

Updated: May 12, 2020

I am happy to say I'll be releasing my full length collection of poems, A Dark Address, on Gumroad for free [Update: it is now available here]. There will be a pay-what-you-want option for those feeling generous, but I'm not seeking to make any money. I anticipate it being ready by the end of April if not sooner, and I am currently working on a cover and editing for typos. But the book as such is done.

One reason for publishing it this way is that I simply can't wait on the book any longer: it needs to be expelled from my system and put out in the world. Were I to go through a press, I could end up waiting another year or more. That's just not good for me or the poems. I am moving beyond these poems and their mode of writing, and I would like to release them while I still have love for them. I have another full length manuscript completed as a strong draft, and a third nearing completion. And there are even newer poems I'm writing now. So this one cannot wait any longer to emerge.

There are also political reasons for deciding to publish this way. These are just as important to my decision, and I've been writing about problems in the world of poetry publishing elsewhere on this blog, and upcoming posts will further that critique. But for now, I will just refer you to what I've already written and say that more poets need to reject the stigma of self-publishing.

I am including below some links to previously published poems that appear in the book. Eventually, I will also share some unpublished pieces as well. I think this selection does a good job of showing formal and thematic range of A Dark Address. And please, if you like any of these, I hope you will let me know and perhaps share them. Right now, the internet is all I've got supporting me and my work.


Rilke's Sappho -- in Glass (2018)

Bloom (II) -- in KROnline as "Medusae (II)" (2016)

Dispersal -- printed in Salamander (2015)

What Passes Between -- printed in Pleiades (2019)

At the Turn -- printed in Spoon River Poetry Review (2016)

Music for the Wasteful Thinker -- printed as "Give" in Poetry Northwest (2017)

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