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April 2020

Full-length collection of poems on jellyfish, mushrooms, nuclear reactors, Rilke, Ohio, & debt. Written from 2015-2020. Self-published as PDF at Available also at Internet Archive to view and download.

"What I feel so deeply here is a voice speaking out of the labyrinth that is now -- or maybe at times the labyrinth is a kind of solitary confinement, a maze that somehow refuses to be a maze, the self riddled by itself in a time when the objects we are around do not let us know ourselves. That makes the urgent reach for connection here all the more potent, and I feel that tense urgent need to reach out to an other as the countering tension to the difficulty, even despair, the poems open and confront." -- Dan Beachy-Quick


woe eroa, 2021 (forthcoming)

Full-length collection of poems on post-2016, the Iraq War, Abu Ghraib, empire, and other lethal abuses of intelligence and imagination.

The poems "Interrogation Days" and "Drone" -- featured on this website under "Poems" -- come from this manuscript.


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